Anything digital, anywhere physical

Create and share

Leave text, links and images anywhere in 3D space! If you can't be there leave something for others to see you care! Use villagxr to create and share creative displays that can be seen in Augmented Reality with your smartphone's camera!

Advanced Augmented Reality Mapping

Public, Private or Incognito

Use villagxr to create your own maps; incognito, private or public . Don't limit your exposure to "Social Networks" our platform is porximity based and truly public. Alternatively, we pride ourselves in protecting user data so you can feel free as a private or anonymous user. There is no limit to what you can make or where you can leave it for others to find.

villagxr is based on the Groundhog AR system developed by Bush League Tech. This expression of hypermapping in villagxr will focus on ease of use, quick mapping, broadcasting, local updates and inquiries. villagxr is proximity based and produces living maps that change by the minute.